Torrs Hydro


Address/venue name: Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited
90 Market Street
New Mills
High Peak
SK22 4AA
Building type: Converted Mill
Green Technology: Hydro installation on old mill site


Additional information: For more information, visit Torrs Hydro is located in the Torrs Riverside Park in New Mills, Derbyshire. This amazing gorge is right underneath the town centre and is easily accessible by train to New Mills Newtown or Central stations, bus or car.Enter the Torrs Riverside Park from The Rock Tavern (Wirksmoor Road, Newtown), from New Mills Central station via the Millenium Walkway, from Hurst Lea Road, via steps from the town centre at the bus station or Rock St, from Hyde Bank Road and from Church Road adjacent to the entrance to the Co-Op Car Park (Endsor Way on the map).

There are great views of the scheme from the Union Road and Church Road bridges over the gorge.

Refreshments available locally

Venue details

Name of owners: Around 230 community shareholders
Benefits: The hydro gives a maximum output of 63kW after friction and generation losses, extracting over 70% of the potential power of the site when running at peak generating power (maximum power output).The hydro scheme holds a series of open afternoons and has commenced an educational programme with local schools. This pioneering scheme has generated nationwide interest and has put New Mills on the map. Shareholders can receive interest on their shares, but the majority of the profits from the scheme will fund a community grants programme
What did it cost, what savings are made: In total, the scheme cost around £330 000. A community share issue raised over £125 000, with grant funding providing another £165 000. The shareholders are mostly local people and businesses plus people from further afield who wish to support renewable energy schemes.The local Cooperative Food Superstore buys all the electricity, with any power surplus being sold to the national grid