Over Haddon Village Hall


Address/venue name: Over Haddon Village Hall
School Road
Over Haddon
DE45 1JE
Building type: Village Hall
Green Technology: Photovoltaic tiles, air source heat pump, water collection system, under floor heating

Venue details

Name of owners: Over Haddon Village Hall Management Committee
Who installed green technology: SunDog (photovoltaics), Ecovision (air source heat pump)
Why they did it: As part of demolition and rebuild of village hall
Benefits: Increased and modernised facilities. Efficient building which has A7 rating. Income from Feed in Tariff. Can control heating system over internet.
What they did to get approval from National Park for the work: Questionnaire to residents. Grant applications. PDNPA planning process
What were the biggest problems faced: Some localised opposition
What did it cost, what savings are made: Whole project mainly grant/donation funded. Significant savings
Advice to someone considering doing the same: “Understand your project, know what you want, and get the best for your money.”