Look Creations


Address/venue name: Milton House
Tunstead Milton
Whaley Bridge
High Peak
SK23 7ER
Building type: House and Workshop
Green Technology: Two sets of PV panels and energy efficient lighting have been installed. Mathew Look also produces stove top fans, which use recycled computer components to increase energy efficiency and air circulation from woodburning stoves


Additional information: For more information on Mathew’s stove top fans, visit www.stovetopfan.co.uk

Venue details

Name of owners: Mathew Look
Why they did it: Mathew installed two sets of PV panels to fight rising energy bills and become more self-sufficient in energy
Benefits: Thanks to the PV panels above his workshop, Mathew can run much of his workshop equipment with no energy costs for around 70% of the year
What they did to get approval from National Park for the work: No planning issues
What were the biggest problems faced: One set of PV panels suffers from shading until midday, while another is partly shaded in winter. However, these PVs are a great example of how solar energy can work even in tricky Peak District conditions
What did it cost, what savings are made: Mathew gains around £900 per year through feed in tariffs. He will make his initial investment back over 15 years on the FIT alone. The reduced energy consumption is an added bonus
Advice to someone considering doing the same: “I would recommend PVs to anyone in the same situation as me or better. I’d particularly recommend making use of the power generated during the day. I make the most of this when I’m in my workshop, but others could change their habits and use daytime energy to put the washing machine or other appliances on.”