Hoe Grange Holidays


Address/venue name: Hoe Grange Holidays
Building type: Wooden Holiday Lodges
Green Technology: 10 Kwh wind turbine, 4 Kwh Solar PV mounted on a tracking system, ground source heating, air source boilers, water from borehole

Venue details

Name of owners: David and Felicity Brown
Who installed green technology: Various suppliers, including Loyan Renewables, The Renewable Shop, and Purple Energy
Why they did it: To reduce their environmental impact and protect themselves from increasing energy costs
Benefits: Appeals to the growing Eco tourism market giving the business a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded holiday market.The PV solar tracking system is more effective than a static system, increasing yield 30-40% by maximizing the time sunlight hits the panels at the correct angle – with the added advantage that the system is self-powering.

David and Felicity’s efforts have been recognised by receiving several national awards, including the Visit England Excellence Silver Award for Sustainable Tourism for two years running, the Peak District Environmental Quality Mark and the Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award. Hoe Grange was in the top 20 GTBS businesses in 2011, and significantly increased the score in this year’s re-evaluation thanks to the addition of the wind turbine and air source heating.

What were the biggest problems faced: Planning and finance
What did it cost, what savings are made: Their solar and air source technology has a payback of 6-7 years, while the wind turbine has an 8-10 year payback