Green Directions


Address/venue name: Green Directions Farm
S6 6GR
Building type: Farm
Green Technology: Multi-foil and phenolic board insulation, two wind turbines producing over 40,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, ground source heat pumps, rainwater re-cycling system and other green initiatives, including very local food: pork and charcuterie from their own Tamworth pigs; herbs, vegetables and fruit from their various growing areas

Venue details

Why they did it:Mark sees this as a moral issue in order to preserve and protect the earth’s precious natural infrastructure. As a result, he has sought to improve his environmental and social performance by reducing pollution, emissions and waste, and reducing the use of energy, water and other resources

Name of owners: Mark Woodward and family
Benefits: They have raised awareness of green issues with their visitors and encouraged them to take action themselves, and joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme as an indicator of their sustainable practices
What did it cost, what savings are made: Their electricity production, heat production and insulations systems save around 22 tonnes of CO2 per year