Calver Corn Mill


Address/venue name: The Corn Mill
6 Mill Farm Close
Hope Valley
S32 3WW
Building type: Converted 17th century corn mill
Green Technology: Reinstated water wheel using water generation from sough

Venue details

Name of owners: Professor Bill Speirs
Who installed green technology: The project was carried out by Bill and his neighbour
Why they did it: To reinstate one of the building’s great historic features
Benefits: The renovated water wheel produces green energy, and the task of bringing it back to life has also made it quite a feature. The riverside garden now attracts trout and kingfishers
What they did to get approval from National Park for the work: Extraction license not needed because reinstating a historic water wheel
What did it cost, what savings are made: The savings made are small compared to the overall renovation costs, but power generated by the mill makes around £4,000 per year through Feed in Tariffs
Advice to someone considering doing the same: “Think carefully about what you want to do, and what you want to achieve”