Burton Institute


Address/venue name: Burton Institute Winster
West Bank
Building type: Village Hall
Green Technology: Enhanced heating control system

Venue details

Name of owners: Burton Institute Management Committee
Who installed green technology: StarMark Associates Ltd.
Why they did it:
  • To reduce heating waste
  • To avoid having users set thermostat too high or low (and so affect next user)
  • To avoid heating beyond the end of a variable-length session (e.g. Parish Council meeting)
  • To make it easier to set heating – it can automatically be set from an online booking system
Benefits: They expect to reduce their energy use, cut energy bills, and reduce temperature-related complaints
What they did to get approval from National Park for the work: The Management Committee has agreed to host a pilot installation of the new system
What were the biggest problems faced: The system needed to be specifically designed for multi-user, unsupervised buildings, and easy to use without training